Client Testimonials Pilates By Rachel
"Rachel’s instruction has truly transformed my body. Not only has my posture improved dramatically, but my entire body feels better than ever. I’m more toned, flexible and I have abs I never thought I had! Rachel is extremely encouraging, patient and positive. A stickler for technique, Rachel is never shy in correcting my form."
- Julie

"After my first session with Rachel, I felt instant results and quickly started grasping the Pilates method. By the fourth session my body was changing for the better. I stand taller, my core is getting stronger, and my body is a lot more flexible. She has so much patience, and is such an understanding, knowledgeable teacher. I look forward to each session."
- Barbara

"Rachel gives her all to every Pilates session. She is patient, encouraging and tailors the workout to each client. I always feel elongated and stretched after the session, coming away with more energy. And the best thing of all — I've lost inches in my waist, hips and stomach!"
- Wendy

"Rachel has restored my whole body. I felt sore and unbalanced. My shoulders hurt and I was experiencing carpel tunnel in my right wrist. After practicing Pilates with Rachel once a week for only a few months, I am 100% better and can't believe I am PAIN FREE!! Rachel is so knowledgeable about Pilates, and explains the concepts very well. She is caring and patient, while encouraging and motivating. Thanks Rachel!!!"
- Laura


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